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With Britain in a double dip recession, major life events such as marriage are being set aside.

Insurance company Liverpool Victoria has conducted research into the current average age of couples getting married. This shows that the current average age for women has moved to 30, with men at 32. These ages are far higher than the 1970 average of 22 and 24 respectively.

It is expected that this increase in age relates directly to the increase in average wedding costs, with that total now exceeding £20,000. Couples who are keen to avoid the wait are turning to marriage abroad, often saving thousands of pounds in the process. A destination wedding with a couple of close family members or friends can often cost just 1/3 of that of a UK wedding.

Other 'life events' are also being delayed, the average ages of people buying a house or starting a family have also increased as people are being far more cautious with their finances.


A couple had their wedding saved recently with a very successful Twitter campaign.

Lauren Lane and Daniel Welch were devastated when the wedding venue they had booked went into liquidation shortly before their big day, and they lost their £4500 deposit which was to cover the ceremony, reception and food for their 150 guests.

When they recieved a letter informing them of the financial failure, the couple decided to turn to Twitter for help. As soon as they tweeted their news, the information was spread by their friends and a couple of suprising celebrities, including Davina McCall and Dannii Minogue, with amazing results.

within days of the tweet, Lauren and Daniel were recieving offers of rings, wedding cakes and a new wedding planner from strangers and companies willing to help out in their time of need.

Whilst it is amazing to see people gather together to help out in a sticky situation, wedding insurance will normally cover cancellation and re-arrangement of wedding suppliers who suffer financial failure before your big day. why not get a quote today and make sure you get the cover you need?

With weddings now estimated to cost on average £20,000 in the UK, more couples are choosing to marry abroad in a destination wedding.

There are so many destinations to choose from now, with most travel companies offering great value package deals or even specialist wedding packages with a wide range of options enabling couples to tailor make their ideal destination wedding.

Most weddings abroad will be smaller than those held at home in the UK, but as a lot of guests who attend will try to arrange their own holidays around the wedding ceremony they can end up being much more memorable.

Most travel companies will be able to offer a wedding planner, who will sort out all the relevant documentation and make arrangements for you with the venue, caterers, and so forth. This can be a great benefit, as they will work around your desires to create the perfect wedding, and in countries where there can be a language barrier having someone with experience who can arrange things for you is invaluable. 

If you plan carefully, and have a small guest list, it's possible that a destination wedding could even end up costing less than a UK ceremony!

For more information, why not take a look at our Desintation Wedding Guide?

The Royal Wedding has been revealed to be the top google search of 2011, according to the reports of Google's annual Zeitgeist.

It seems that even after the hype and publicity earlier this year, people still can't forget the wedding and are looking up the details and photographs online.

Also near the top of the list were the iPhone 5, Fifa, and Groupon.

Top searches in the UK were Facebook and YouTube, quickly followed by the top of the 'What is' category, which reveals, strangely, that people are confused by scampi, truffles and piles. The most searched for 'what is' term of 2011 was the AV, the Alternative Vote, which seems to have confused people the most. 

Some interesting results can be found under the 'How to...' category, with top searches including Revise, Snog, Sleep, Flirt, and, for some reason, Shuffle. 


After the Royal Wedding in April 2011, Pippa Middleton almost stole the show from her sister Kate in her beautiful Alexander McQueen designer dress.

Following on from this success, Debenhams have launched a budget replica version of the dress, costing just £175!

Designed to be used as either a wedding dress or a bridesmaids dress, Debenhams have released the product due to overwhelming requests from customers.

The excellent value replica gown features the same cowl neck and covered buttons on the back, but has does not have the same fine detail on the sleeves or neckline.

The new bridal collection also includes replicas of the flower girl dresses, and a cocktail-length black version of Kate Middleton's wedding dress designed as an evening gown.

Jason Jenkins of Stoke on Trent decided to try something a little more memorable than the usual proposal style.

He popped the question to his long term girlfriend Melissa Bowen at a flying display, organised by Cheshire Falconry.

They arranged that during the show, the specially chosen owl, named Zulu, would swoop down out of the sky and land on Jason's arm.

Around Zulu's foot was a pink velvet bag containing a diamond engagement ring.

After her suprise at the show, Ms Bowen agreed to the proposal and the couple are now hoping to set a final date for their wedding ceremony.

Unusual marriage proposals are a trend at the moment, with numerous other unique examples popping up online, including a boxer dropping to one knee in the ring after a fight, graffiti painted onto a wall, and a bus driver using old tickets to write the special question in the bus windows.

An American wedding was literally washed out by Hurricane Irene when the only road out of town was destroyed by rising waters.

Marc and Janina Leibowitz were married in Pittsfield, Vermont on Saturday just before Irene hit. They had expected heavy rains as the storm passed nearby, but instead the river right outside the bridal cottage burst its banks and washed away the road leading in and out of town.

The bride and groom, along with 60 of their guests and 400 town residents have been trapped in Pittsfield since Sunday morning. Many of the guests were from New York City, the target of the Hurricane, and were thankful to be away and out of the main path of Irene.

After waking on Sunday morning, the bride and groom and several of the bridesmaids managed to race across the bridge before it collapsed, leaving all of the groomsmen and one bridesmaid trapped on the other side. The groomsmen rigged up ladders to allow people to cross the flooded stream and the remains of the bridge, enabling them to hike in food, water and supplies.

The stranded wedding party and guests have been pitching in to help town residents by clearing mud and debris, and bringing food and water to elderly residents.

If Marc and Janina had held their wedding a day later, they would most likely have had to cancel when the venue was washed away by the floodwaters and hurricane, which heightens the importance of having Wedding Insurance in place.

Luckily, they managed to still have the wedding ceremony and reception they had planned, with an interesting tale of courage and cooperation for the events following their big day which will be told for many years to come.


 William & Kate's wedding has inspired men across the country to propose to their partners at royal venues.

Two couples have recently become engaged, one at Buckingham Palace, where 26 year old Dean Nicholls proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Lauren Green during a tour of the grounds. The proposal came as a complete surprise to the future Mrs Nicholls as Dean had managed to keep the plan a secret.

Further celebrations were had by an Australian couple when Brad proposed to Natalie on top of the newly re-opened Windsor Tower during a tourist visit to the attraction.

Did the Royal Wedding inspire your engagement? If so, let us know by contacting us!

If you watched the Royal Wedding in April, you will surely have noticed Princess Beatice's hat.

With a noticably different design, the royal millinary certainly stood out in the crowd, and sparked many a comment both on the day and worldwide afterwards, with the silk Philip Treacy creation being compared to antlers, a toilet seat and a giant pretzel.

I wonder what the guests sitting behind her thought?

With the Royal Wedding over, Princess Beatrice decided to put the now infamous hat on eBay, to raise money for charity. After a 9 day auction, with bidding started by Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon's Den fame at a bargain price of £5000, Princess Beatrice turned the tables on her critics when the auction ended at a whopping final bid of £81,101!

She has certainly shown that she has a sense of humour, and doesn't take the fashion critics too seriously.

All proceeds went to Unicef and Children in Crisis via the Little Bee Initiative, a campaign created by Princess Beatrice specifically for the auction.

You can see the results of the auction Here.

With the Royal wedding just around the corner, Compare Wedding Insurance takes a quick look at the plans for the big day.

From 8am, the 1,900 guests invited by Prince William and Kate Middleton will begin to arrive at Westminister Abbey, taking their places ready for the 11am service.

At 10.15am, Prince William and his brother and best man Prince Harry will arrive at Westminister Abbey, having made the short journey by Bentley from Clearence House.

Between 10.20am and 10.40am, members of the Royal Family and Kate Middletons family will arrive at Westminister Abbey, taking their places inside.

At 10.45am the Queen and the Duke of Edinbugh will arrive from Buckingham Palace.

At 10.55 the final guests and bridesmaids will all be in postion, awaiting the arrival of the bride.

Kate Middleton will arrive with her father at 11am, after making their way to the Abbey in a Rolls Royce. The wedding ceremony will begin upon her arrival, and will last for about an hour.

Prince William and the now Princess Catherine will leave Westminister Abbey at about 12.15pm, making their way to Buckingham Palace alongside their military escort. Other guests will follow, making their way to the palace if they have been invited to the reception.

At 1.25pm the Queen, alongside the bride and groom and their families, will appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

At 1.30pm the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will perform a ceremonial Fly-Past in honour of the happy couple.

Whether you will be at home watching this auspicious event on TV, or bustling in the crowds in London, here at Compare Wedding Insurance hope you have a fantastic day!