Destination Weddings

16th January 2012

With weddings now estimated to cost on average £20,000 in the UK, more couples are choosing to marry abroad in a destination wedding.

There are so many destinations to choose from now, with most travel companies offering great value package deals or even specialist wedding packages with a wide range of options enabling couples to tailor make their ideal destination wedding.

Most weddings abroad will be smaller than those held at home in the UK, but as a lot of guests who attend will try to arrange their own holidays around the wedding ceremony they can end up being much more memorable.

Most travel companies will be able to offer a wedding planner, who will sort out all the relevant documentation and make arrangements for you with the venue, caterers, and so forth. This can be a great benefit, as they will work around your desires to create the perfect wedding, and in countries where there can be a language barrier having someone with experience who can arrange things for you is invaluable. 

If you plan carefully, and have a small guest list, it's possible that a destination wedding could even end up costing less than a UK ceremony!

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