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Wedding Insurance FAQ

If you have any queries regarding wedding insurance, please check here first of all. If you are unable to find an answer, please contact us.

Q. Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?
A. No, none of our insurers can cover pre-existing medical conditions. You may still purchase cover, but any claim relating to an existing condition will be excluded.

Q. Do you cover Civil Partnerships?
A. Yes, all of our insurers can cover Civil Partnerships. To find out more information please visit our Civil Partnership Insurance page.

Q. Am I covered if my wedding and reception are on different dates?
A. Yes, all of our insurers can cover this, although there is usually a time limit that applies between the two dates. Your Policy wording will confirm the full limit as this varies by insurer.

Q. Am I covered if my wedding is abroad?
A. Yes, most of our insurers can cover wedding ceremonies held abroad. To find out more information please visit our Wedding Insurance Abroad page.

Q. Do I have to pay an Excess if I make a claim?
A. This varies from company to company. Most of our policies do have an excess, ranging from £25-£50 on most sections of the policy. We do have some companies that do not have an excess, and to view a quote from these companies simply tick the ‘ Only show policies with no excess’ box during your Wedding Insurance Comparison.
Please also be aware that most policies will have a higher excess for Wedding Liability Insurance and Marquee claims. Make sure you check your policy wording for full details.

Q. Will I be covered for deposits already paid prior to purchasing the wedding insurance?
A. Yes, as long as an event has not already occurred that will cause a claim against these deposits our insurers will also cover these.

Q. Is cover provided if one of the wedding suppliers goes into bankruptcy/liquidation?
A. Yes, this is normally covered under ‘failure of suppliers’.

Q. Does the insurance cover my honeymoon?
A. No, your honeymoon is not counted as part of your wedding ceremony or reception, and would normally be covered by travel insurance arrangements.

Q. What happens if the wedding photographs do not develop?
A.All of our Insurers offer cover for photography. If photos are lost or damaged your insurer will be able to arrange for them to be retaken or will offer some reimbursement of deposits.For details of cover available please see our Wedding Insurance Comparison page.

Q. What would happen if the hired marquee was damaged?
A. Some of our insurers have an optional upgrade to include marquee damage. There is normally an added charge for this.

Q. Who can take out the wedding insurance policy?
A. Wedding Insurance can be normally taken out by the bride, groom or anyone with a financial interest in the wedding on the bride & groom's behalf.

Q. How is the premium collected?
A. The premium is collected as a single, one-time payment.

Q. What types of events are covered by wedding insurance?
A. Generally, Wedding Insurance offers the following cover:

  • Wedding Cancellation Insurance
  • Ceremonial Attire
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Cars and Transport
  • Photography & Video
  • Failure of Suppliers
  • Legal Expenses
  • Personal Liability

With optional upgrades often available for:

Please check your policy for full details as cover levels do vary between insurers.

Q. Am I covered if suppliers don’t turn up on the day?
A. Yes, this is usually covered under the failure of suppliers section.

Q. I need to make a claim. Who do I contact?
A. To claim, you need to call the Claims contact telephone number on your Policy Documentation. Please note that we do not deal with any aspect of claims here at Compare Wedding Insurance, you must contact your Insurer directly.

Q. Am I covered if either the Bride, Groom, or both decide not to get married?
A. No, as this is a personal decision made by the bride and/or groom and is therefore not covered under any of our policies.

Q. Can your policies cover other events such as a Wedding Anniversary?
A. No, the policies available through this website are for Weddings and Receptions only.


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