11 Golden Reasons All Couples Should Have Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is one of those purchases that many couples don't think about because they don't believe they will need it. After all, what are the odds something will go wrong? You'd be surprised...

The bride is dreaming about how beautiful the reception will be while she has the final fitting for her gown. The groom is following up with some friends to see if they will be able to make it for the big day. And the caterer is quietly closing up shop in preparation for a one-way trip to Europe with the couple's deposit!

It sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? Just imagine how the bride and groom will feel when they found out. They will have to find another caterer on short notice and will be down on the deposit they made to the one who skipped town. Unfortunately, when you're only weeks away from your wedding, finding a caterer will be difficult at best. Many service providers will ask for a premium fee when you book so close to your wedding date, partly because they know you are desperate and partly because it's more difficult to pull things together at the last minute, especially if they are already booked with events.

Obviously this young couple should have purchased Wedding Cover. But how do you know if you're going to need it? A good rule of thumb is if you are spending anything more than £1,000 on your wedding, you should be insured. Since the premium for this kind of coverage is relatively inexpensive, it's worth it to cover yourself for any losses if your wedding day has a hitch.

There are numerous things that can go wrong, and insurance can give you piece of mind that will be well worth it as the big draws near. If you know you are insured against possible problems, you'll have one less thing to worry about and can enjoy your coming celebration more. Some great reasons to get Wedding Insurance include:

  1. Weather is Unpredictable.

    A garden wedding is a beautiful but tricky thing. If the weather is good you'll be thrilled, but if you wake up to rainy skies you'll need an alternative. You should always plan on an alternative, but Wedding Insurance can also eat the extra cost if you have to use tents or move to a hall.

    "Wedding Insurance can get all that money back for you"

    The worst-case scenario is weather so bad that the wedding has to be cancelled. This could be a hurricane, a blizzard or any other unexpected severe weather. Just think about all of the money lost if you have to cancel the wedding that day or the day before. Catering, flowers, the reception hall, your honeymoon…the list goes on and on. Wedding Insurance costs little and can get all that money back for you so that you can re-plan for a later date.

  2. Wedding Clothes are Expensive.

    Bride's gowns can sell for £500 to £50,000! If you're like most brides, you'll want to save your beautiful gown for years to come. If some inebriated guest bumps into you at the reception and spills red wine down the front, you'll be crushed. The cost of cleaning a stain like that out of delicate silk or satin can be quite high. The same goes for any damage like a torn hem.

    "The cost of cleaning a stain like that out of delicate silk or satin can be quite high"

    What if the groom damages the rented tuxedo? He won't be able to return it "as is." He'll most likely be asked to pay for replacement of the tuxedo, so insurance can protect him from ending up buying an expensive but damaged outfit he may never wear again.

  3. Photography is a Tricky Business.

    Even if you've hired the best photographer around, there are problems that can come up. What if there is a problem with his equipment that day? Or the film is damaged and your prints are ruined? It's fine to think, "The photographer will refund the money," but that doesn't always happen. And even if he or she does, that doesn't necessarily cover you for getting everyone together later to retake all of the wedding pictures.

    Wedding Insurance can cover the cost of getting another photographer for a second shoot if you want one. It can also cover the cost of retakes if the weather interfered or you couldn't get to a picturesque sight you had in mind.

  4. Wedding Rings Can Disappear.

    No matter how much you trust your best man and maid of honour, rings can and do go missing in the rush of the day. In fact, a lost wedding ring is one of the most common claims to wedding insurance companies! Because your rings will obviously have great sentimental value as well as their retail value, but sure you don't skimp on insuring them. You will want to be able to replace them with something exactly the same, with the same high quality as the originals. Take into account the cost of any custom engraving, etc. as well.

  5. Double-booking Can't Be Worked Around.

    A reception hall or restaurant that contacts you to break the bad news - they booked two receptions at the same time on the same day - can't provide you with a solution. Obviously, you can't share the space and the restaurant is only so big. You may end up (depending on how close to the wedding you find out) finding a last-minute alternative or you may end up having your reception at your parent's house. Wedding Insurance covers your losses and compensates you for any additional expenses you have to dish out to move the venue.

  6. "Wedding insurance covers your losses and compensates you for any additional expenses"
  7. Transportation Doesn't Always Show Up.

    Did you hire a horse and carriage? If it doesn't show up, you'll have to ride to the church with friends or find a last-minute limo. Wedding insurance will cover your loss of the carriage and for your extra transportation costs. You may not be arriving in the same style you'd hoped to, but at least you'll know your budget wasn't completely blown on something you never got to use!

  8. Businesses Go Under.

    It's a fact of life - many small businesses go bankrupt every year. Unfortunately, if one of those is the bridal shop where you have your gown or the bakery providing your wedding cake, you could have an unpleasant surprise. Once a company goes bankrupt, they don't have to refund your money, and you generally don't have any recourse to pursue them.

    Wedding insurance means if you go to the bridal shop and see an "OUT OF BUSINESS" sign on the door, you don't need to panic.

  9. People Pass Away.

    This speaks for itself. If you lose a close family member or a member of the wedding party, you'll obviously want to postpone the wedding. No one wants to think about it, but it can happen. Business is business, however, and any of the suppliers or vendors involved won't refund your money (no matter how compassionate they are) if you cancel within two weeks of the wedding. They would simply be out of too much money.

  10. Thieves Never Rest.

    You would be surprised how many times a bride a groom are shocked to arrive at their reception to discover that someone has stolen the wedding gifts that should have been waiting there. Thieves also often hit receptions toward the end of the night, when a lot of alcohol has flowed and they see someone starting to take gifts out to a waiting car. Some will simply gather up several presents and walk out the door with them as though they are guests helping out!

    "Thieves often hit receptions toward the end of the night"

    Wedding gifts can be worth thousands of dollars, so talk to a wedding insurer to determine how much coverage you should have for something like this. Most will suggest you determine what you think the average value of a wedding gift might be, and then multiply by the number of guests coming for a minimum amount of "gift loss" coverage.

  11. Others Can Blame the Bride and Groom.

    Everyone wants to enjoy the wedding as a carefree celebration, but sometimes the unexpected happens. If someone slips and falls because the floor is slick, you could be sued for damages.

    Because you are the host and hostess of the reception, you may also be held liable if someone drinks too much at the party and then is in an accident or injures someone's property. It is very similar to serving alcohol in your home and then sending them out to drive their car when you know they've had too much to drink - you are responsible for your guests.

  12. Travel Can Be Cancelled.

    If you've planned a "destination wedding," you can really be left high and dry if a series of storms grounds the airplane or closes the beach resort where you were planning on exchanging your vows. You need Wedding insurance Abroad to cover your destination wedding, and this should specifically address how many people you are flying to your destination and specific incidences such as weather, mechanical difficulties and terrorism.

Obviously, there are a number of practical reasons for buying Wedding Cover. It protects your financial investment in a day that you hope will provide precious memories for years to come. Besides the financial security of knowing you aren't going to lose a lot of money if something comes up, however, insurance can provide other types of protection:

  • Wedding Insurance UK can protect you against losing anything to a lawsuit in case there is a disagreement about the wedding day, your satisfaction with a vendor, or in the event someone gets hurt at your reception. Any lawsuit can turn into a huge financial drain, so you should be covered for these things in advance. Who wants to end up in huge debt at the beginning of their marriage because of a lawsuit?
  • Peace of mind is so important! There will be plenty of things to worry about before your wedding day; insurance can take quite a load off your mind. It means that you don't have to stew over anything that's beyond your control - you'll be covered.
  • If there is a disagreement with a vendor or supplier, you don't have to try and get your money back. Your insurance will cover your losses and pursue the vendors themselves. It works like auto insurance - when you get a cheque after the accident, the insurer can then try to get the money from the person at fault instead of you trying to do it.
"A good Wedding Insurance policy covering all the basics starts at around £19"

With so many good reasons to get insurance, you're probably wondering about Wedding Insurance Costs. A good policy covering the basics starts at around £19 - Not a bad deal at all if you've spent several thousand pounds on your wedding celebration! For a little bit more, you can also add additional coverage for unusual circumstances as well.


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