Compare Wedding Insurance's Guide to Destination Weddings

Have you really thought carefully about your idea for a destination wedding? Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding, taking your vows in The Bahamas, or beginning married life on a cruise ship?

This is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly! there are numerous pros and cons of Destination Weddings. At Compare Wedding Insurance we take a look at some of the options available.

A destination wedding isn't for everyone. If you're a bride who's been dreaming of a church wedding since you were nine years old and want the elaborate dress with an enormous train and a six-tiered wedding cake, you should probably stick with the hometown version and a more traditional venue so that you can have firm control of every detail.

If you're still undecided we recommend you answer these five questions honestly:

  1. Do you like the idea of a smaller, longer celebration?
    A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to turn a wedding day into a wedding weekend, with your guests joining you for three or more days of fun and festivities at the location you've chosen. In most cases, they will join you a few days in advance of the ceremony itself and you'll enjoy sightseeing, swimming, golfing or whatever other activities are popular at your chosen destination in order to make it a mini vacation for everyone.

  2. Do you prefer to keep your guest list intimate?
    A destination wedding is an excellent way to keep your guest list pared down to only your closest friends and relatives. If you've always wanted the twenty people closest to your heart to share your special day rather than three hundred people staring at you like it's a stage show, then a destination wedding may be the perfect solution - it's much more intimate and relaxed.

  3. Do you like the unexpected and exotic?
    Let's face it, a destination wedding isn't your typical hometown wedding reception with a dance band and bridal dance, is it? If you like to try new things and do the unexpected, then this is something you'll really love. There are so many places you can go all over the world - , the Caribbean, Hawaii, France, Mexico and many more … the list is endless, and you can choose to go anywhere you've ever dreamed of.

  4. Do you want to combine your wedding and honeymoon?
    Many couples who choose a destination wedding will select a location that can double as a honeymoon spot. It's a great way to do away with the hassles of having to dash off to the airport the morning after the wedding. Instead, just relax and enjoy - you're already there! For many couples, this is the perfect way to reduce the tension and stress that spoils the wedding day itself when you have to dash off right after the reception to catch a plane, then end up too tired to enjoy the honeymoon.

  5. Would you like to turn over most of the planning to someone else?
    A destination wedding is usually planned from beginning to end by a professional planner so that all the bride and groom have to do is show up. The planner will arrange for the location, the flowers, the music, the officiant and all other arrangements so that the day is under control from beginning to end. This is great if you like the idea of being able to relax and put your wedding day into someone else's capable hands.

With a destination wedding, you need to put a great deal of faith in the planner you hire at the location and learn to "let go" and trust that things will go smoothly and will be ready when you arrive. If you are the kind of person who can do that, a destination wedding can be a wonderful choice for you, but only you know the answer to that question!

Wherever you decide to go, we reccomend having a look at our Wedding Insurance Abroad section for some helpful advice to help get you covered for your destination wedding.


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