Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage wedding photography is becoming ever more popular. More couples are looking for an album of photographs that really capture the spirit of their wedding day, rather than the traditional more formal shots we are all used to.

Reportage style photography is unobtrusive, and there is definitely less emphasis placed on the traditional group shots.

If you ever get the opportunity to review some reportage photography albums, for example at a wedding show or photographers studio, you may be suprised at how unique and refreshing this alternative approach to wedding photography really is.

Reportage wedding photography is definitely suitable for couples that would like an uncontrived record of their wedding day.

A typical day starts with informal photographs taken of the bride whilst preparing herself for the big day. Afterwards shots are taken of the groom before the ceremony, then the bride’s arrival, followed by the ceremony itself (subject to any restrictions imposed by the clergy or registrar).

Following this, key family / group portraits, bride and groom photographs, and then candid shots taken of the remainder of the day.

It can be a real joy to look at these modern wedding books designed to show the story of your wedding day in an informal manner. They can even include wording from your ceremony/service.

Typically photographers provide a couple of options, all slightly vary but the following should give you an idea.

The first is a where photographs are taken from the bride getting ready to the start of the wedding breakfast. In this instance approximately 200 7” x 5” proof photographs are presented in a 20 page A4 square hard-backed book.

The second option is photographs taken from the wedding breakfast to the first dance. This would include approximately 300 7” x 5” proof photographs presented in a 30 page A4 square hard-backed book.

If you are looking for a beautifully presented account of your wedding that reflects each element of the day, it is definately worth making some enquires with reportage wedding photographers in your area.

Who wants to be saying "cheese" all day long on their wedding day!

Whichever photography style you decide to use for your wedding, make sure you have adequate Wedding Insurance in place to protect you if anything goes wrong with the photo's.

Wedding Insurance can help pay to have the photos re-taken if the film is damaged or they fail to develop, or the camera gets broken or stolen.

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