Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Why Do I need Wedding Cancellation Insurance?

When thinking about Insurance for Weddings, you may be wondering what it is actually for. The insurance is designed to provide reimbursement for a financial loss related to your wedding and/or reception.

Here at Compare Wedding Insurance we provide quotations from eight carefully selected Wedding Cancellation Insurance companies so that you have a wide chice, and can select the cover which suits both your needs and budget.

Here are just a few scenario’s that may give you pause for thought:

Adverse Weather

Like most couples you will have spent weeks planning your special day meticulously, the caterers are booked, the flowers have been chosen, the dresses and outfits have been tailored and delivered.

Everything is organized and all the plans are going smoothly right up to arriving at the venue, only to find that in heavy winds the old tree next to the church has come crashing down through the entrance, blocking the main door and injuring the priest in the process!

One of the few things you don't have any control over on your special day is the weather. Especially in the UK, where one of the most popular topics of complaint and conversation is the inclement weather.

It’s amazing how you would be happy to chat to a complete stranger at the bus stop about the recent bad weather, but you have pinned all your hopes on the sun shining all through the wedding and reception.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance normally includes an inclement weather policy, so if a freak storm takes half the roof off the venue, the nearby river bursts it banks and floods the church, or heavy snow renders yourself and all your guests housebound for your wedding day, you can usually claim and have financial aid to get the wedding re-organized.

Public Liability

Picture the scene:

Your wedding day has run smoothly, beautiful weather (and they forecast rain!) the groom arrived on time, the vows have been taken, and everyone has made it safely to the beautiful country house venue for the reception. All that remains is to open the champagne and dance the night away before leaving for the honeymoon tomorrow.

Up stands the groom, to make his speech - with the usual jokes, of course.

Next up is the best man. After the tradition ridicule of the groom and the embarrassing story, the best man picks up the bottle of champagne from the table and pops the cork whilst announcing his toast. The cork rockets upwards across the room, smashing the glass on the expensive crystal Victorian chandelier before ricocheting into an antique oil portrait, cracking the frame and damaging the painting. The guests beneath the chandelier panic and several glasses are knocked over, their contents pouring onto the luxury cream carpet below.

The £12,000 repair and cleaning bill can normally be picked up by your Wedding Insurance provider, with the only long term damage being the best man’s new nickname…

Failed Suppliers

Everything is ready to go, all the plans are laid, everything is paid for and the honeymoon is booked. The Hen night and Stag do have both run their course, and you settle down to a semi relaxed afternoon as you anticipate how your wedding day will run tomorrow.

Suddenly the phone rings. You answer, thinking it is probably another well wishing family member. In fact it is the owner of the catering company you hired for the reception to inform you they have gone bankrupt and cannot provide your service, or a refund!

Panicking, you reach for the yellow pages to try and find an emergency caterer for tomorrow, and not knowing how on earth you will be able to pay for it…

Wedding Cancellation Insurance can take this worry off your shoulders. If there is an emergency and one of your wedding suppliers cannot make your event, your insurer will normally be able to help you rearrange this and can usually cover the costs for you. After all, the last thing you want to be doing before your big day is desperately hunting for a new caterer!

Damaged Photos

Everything is running smoothly. All the guests arrived on time, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything is as perfect as you could have wished for.

The photographer is snapping away, getting hundreds of fantastic pictures of your special day.

All the way through the ceremony, and continuing at the reception, providing you with many happy memories of your wedding for you to look back on.

Until a clumsy guest trips on the hem of her dress, lands on the photographer, and spills red wine all over his camera ruining the film completely.

Don’t panic! As you sensibly took out Wedding Insurance you are most likely covered for such an unlucky event. Your insurance company can help pay for re-staging the day and having your photographs retaken and processed. Perhaps this time with empty glasses?

Wedding Gifts

Your special day has passed in a blur of excitement. The ceremony was beautiful, all your friends and family were there to see you take your vows. The sun has been shining all day with not a cloud in the sky.

The vows have been said, the cake has been cut, the guests fed and watered, gifts received and the first dance danced. The whole day has been filled with smiles and happy memories.

Yet when you pause for a rest you realize that half the wedding gifts have gone! Someone has snuck into the reception and has stolen armfuls of the gifts lovingly given by your friends and family.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance would change this event from a black cloud to a silver lining, as the insurance invariably covers you for replacement gifts if the worst should happen.

With all these good reasons and more, why not get a quote for Wedding Insurance today and see how little it could cost to get the cover you need?


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